SQL Update unrelated tables

Suppose you have to update table with the data from another unrelated table (or more likely, xlsx file).

dbo.Users table to update
ID Name Description
1AzraelTall, blue eyes
2KwanzaShort, slim
3LesediDark eyes, long hair
4ShahnazLong beard

The Description column should be updated from the second table (excel, csv file) based on ID, or Name or whatever, as long as that column is unique. So, ID in this case.

Imported table with fresh new data (dbo.excel)
ID Description
4Trimmed beard
3Short hair, slim
1Light eyes

Now to update each description with matching ID

SQL Query
-- Import data to temporary table for checking later
INTO #oldUsers
FROM dbo.Users

-- Update dbo.Users table
UPDATE dbo.Users
SET Description = dbo.excel.Description
FROM dbo.Users AS u
INNER JOIN dbo.excel ON dbo.excel.ID = u.ID
WHERE dbo.excel.ID = u.ID

-- Check if number of updated rows is right
SELECT * FROM dbo.Users
SELECT * FROM #oldUsers

-- Drop temporary table
DROP TABLE #oldUsers

If the above doesn't work, here's an alternative:

SQL Query
MERGE INTO dbo.Users u
	USING dbo.excel ex
	ON u.ID = ex.ID
		SET u.Description = ex.Description;